Benedict Peters March 8, 2017

I Stand With Nigeria Means It's Up To All Of Us To Get The Job Done

In Nigeria there is an old proverb: preparing cocoyams for planting does not mean that they are already planted. It is a phrase that sums up much of our country's recent troubles, many of which have been underpinned by instances of unfulfilled potential. But with so much uncertainty, it is now more crucial than ever to ensure we do not leave the job of rebuilding Nigeria half done.

A couple of weeks ago, protests broke out in towns across Nigeria for the first time in recent memory. Citizens turned out in Lagos, our commercial centre, and in our capital, Abuja. Banners heralding the message #IStandWithNigeria filled the streets, held aloft by rowdy protestors marching under the heat of the midday sun. News reports have suggested in the time since, that protests were about the current political situation in Nigeria.

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